Infant Massage Classes

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   Infant Massage and Instruction in State College, PA
General Infant Massage Classes:
December 11 and 18

All Classes begin at 11:00 AM

Location: 1200 W. College Ave, State College
at the offices of Integrative Health Care Associates

Future Class Dates: 
(May be subject to change)
January 8 and 15, 2015
February 12 and 19, 2015
April 9 and 16, 2015

*New Class*  Infant Massage for Expectant Parents:

Next Class, TBA

Location: 1200 W College Ave, State College
at the offices of Integrative Health Care Associates


Can't make it to our General Class? Consider a Private Class for just you and your baby in your location at a time that works for you.

Also now offering Private Group Classes - Your time, your location for groups of 4 or more.


Karen Stoner, LMT is honored to have been interviewed and quoted in Massage Magazine articles on Infant Massage.

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  A happy, colic-free baby who received infant massage

About our Infant Massage Classes

Our classes are designed to help parents and caregivers learn massage techniques and exercises to help babies (and parents) with a wide variety of conditions. The class' primary focus will be on babies aged 6 weeks through 1 year, however the techniques can be valuable for children older than a year as well. The class series is divided into two sessions, with each session focusing on massage and exercises for specific areas of the body.  Why two sessions? Because babies don't like to stay still for too long, so breaking up the class is easier on them. Babies are welcome and encouraged to be brought to class so that the parent can practice the techniques right on the baby. If a baby is unavailable or unwilling to cooperate, a simulation (doll) can be used.

Who can take these Classes?

While the classes are designed for parents and their babies, the class is also perfectly suited for grandparents, caretakers, day care workers, social workers, nurses or health care professionals - anyone who regularily interacts with infants or young children and has the opportunity to use the Massage Therapy benefits with the children.

For expectant parents, we welcome you into any of our general infant massage classes, but we also offer a special class specifically for expectant parents who would like to integrate knowledge of infant massage into your pre-childbirth education. Click Here to learn more about Infant Massage for Expectant Parents.

A baby receiving Infant Massage

What will be taught in the classes?

During the class, we will discuss several topics including but not limited to:
    - Massage basics appropriate for infants focused on specific areas of the body

    - Exercises to help baby's coordination and muscle development
    - Relaxation exercises for parents
    -Common infant/child medical conditions and how to help them (colic, colds, etc)

How old should the child be for this class?

Infants can begin to benefit from Massage as soon as they are born, but for the purposes of this class, we usually recommend that the children be at least 6 weeks old (this is also in case the doctor has put mom on rest for the first 6 weeks, and to let the new parent(s) recover a little) and they can be as old as 1 year.

Now that being said, this class is still wonderful and beneficial for children over the age of one through the toddler years, however once children start moving, crawling, walking, etc - it is difficult to keep them contained and focused during the class which then distracts mom or whoever has brought the child. For older children, they are more than welcome - it simply depends on the child and how the caregiver feels the child will handle the class.


What do I need to bring to class?

Just about everything you need for class will be provided, however you may feel comfortable bringing a few things of your own if you wish. Some items that we will use that you may wish to bring are:

- A pillow or "Boppy" for the baby and a pillow or cushion for yourself to sit on
- A receiving blanket or other warm blanket in case baby gets cold

- Additional diapers just in case

- A notepad or other device for taking notes during class
- A baby (preferably yours)

- For expectant parents / grandparents / others, we will try to have enough dolls available, but if you wish you can bring a doll or a similarly shaped stuffed animal (4 limbs, torso, head).


Private Classes
We understand that Thursday mornings may not be the most convienent time for you to attend a class, especially if you have to go to work, take care of older children, it's naptime, etc. This is why we now offer private Infant Massage Instruction in the comfort of your own home at a time that works better for you. Since this options in flexible, it will not be available on the online scheduler until you set something up so feel free to contact us to set up a time for your private class.


Private Group Classes

We now offer classes and a special rate for a private group class of 4 or more. Perfect for Mommy Groups, Teachers, Medical Professionals, Clubs, etc - any group that works with and towards the best interests and health of children. Classes can be held at our location or at a location of your choosing. These classes are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to select a date and time and online registration for your group's classes will be set up at that time.


What is Infant Massage for Expectant Parents? Infant Massage for Expectant Parents


This special 2-hour course is designed for expectant parents who want to learn Infant Massage Techniques BEFORE their little bundle of joy arrives.

This class will provide information on:
  • Infant Massage
  • Special massage considerations for Premature Infants
  • Parent Relaxation Techniques
  • Usage of massage for minor medical conditions
  • Massage for mommy-to-be: before and during labor
  • Basic Aromatherapy for infants and mommy
The class welcomes mommies-to-be plus one guest (spouse, partner, support person, etc).

*Please Note: This is not a Childbirth Education or Preparation Class - we will not be covering in-depth labor and delivery education. Please visit the Childbirth Education Association of State College ( for this type of class.



What do classes cost? 

These prices refer to State College Classes only - Special Traveling Event classes may differ

General Infant Massage Classes:  
Whole 2-class series*: $75
Single Session: $40
Infant Massage for Expectant Parents: $80
Infant Massage Private Classes:  
Whole 2-class Series: $80
 Single Session:
Infant Massage Private Group Rate:  
Whole 2-class Series: $60/person
Single Session: $30/person

*The class is structured into 2 Sessions. We highly reccomend both sessions so that the baby can receive the complete benefits available, but if parents/caregivers choose, there is also the option of attending only one session. If a parent/caregiver and child completes the whole 2-class series, they also have the "reward" option of returning to any of the classes free of charge for a "refresher" anytime.  While the information provided in the classes will be beneficial to all of a baby's parents and caregivers, the class is designed and priced for one parent to be working on one child at a time.


Is this class beneficial for toddlers and children older than babies?

Absolutely. Older babies and young children can benefit from massage to help with development of muscle tone and coordination, as well as calming hyperactivity and improving focus. Children who were massaged as babies usually accept massage and understand its benefits as they get older, and they are more easily able to distinguish between "good" and "bad" touch, as well as having the confidence to reject any kind of touch if they don't want it. Children suffering with learning disabilities, illness, or trauma can gain normalization of brain chemical levels, a decrease in depression, improved motor skills, and decreased anxiety.
The techniques taught in the class are very good for children of all ages, and children of all ages are welcome in the class. One wonderful thing about the classes being taught at Spela is that if the older children get antsy or suddenly become unwilling to cooperate, they can go into the play area while the parent can continue to participate in the class and can practice on a simulation doll if necessary.


Karen Stoner, LMT is one of the few Massage  Therapists in Centre County that holds the designation of
both Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist and Certified Infant Massage Therapist/Instructor

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