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15 Min. (Chair)  A quick, simple massage focused on just the back, neck, andshoulders. The specially designed massage chair removes the need for the client to disrobe, yet the therapist still has maximum access to the most troubled areas. This massage is perfect for quick relaxation or unwinding knots or spasms while waiting for an appointment, on the way to or from lunch, on the way home after work, or whenever there is no time for a more intense massage. Since there is no disrobing, and the massage is only focused on the back, neck, and shoulders, it is the perfect, non-threatening way to introduce someone to Massage Therapy if they have never had a massage before.

½ Hour Massage  This type of massage is done on the massage table and usually focuses on one or two specific areas or body parts, such as the back, the shoulders, arms, legs, etc. The shorter time allows more focus to be put directly on that area which makes this type of massage preferable if there is a specific problem or injury that needs focused work. This type of massage is recommended for maintenance of an area that has received previous work, and has a tendency to relapse due to an injury, or repeated stresses. Maintenance Massage can do wonders for keeping a troubled area loose and pain-free for much longer periods of time. Usually maintenance massages are recommended once a month or once every 3 weeks depending on the area and severity of the problem.

1 Hour Massage  Also known as a "Full Body Massage", this is the most common form of massage scheduled. The massage touches on just about the whole body including arms, legs, neck, shoulders, and back and includes simple stretching in addition to the regular massage strokes. This type of massage can be used for relaxation, unwinding after a long day, recovery from a rough trip, or helping with an injury. The whole hour can also focus more specifically on a particular body part like the back or shoulders if there is a specific need for work on that particular area.

1½ Hour Massage  A 1 hour massage but longer. This includes everything in a one hour massage plus extra time for extra focus on a particularly troubled area, or just extra time for a longer, calmer, more focused massage.

               Hot Stone Massage to relieve stress          Hot Stones for Massage            Hot Stones for tired sore feet

Hot Stone Massage
  This is the ultimate in relaxation, and can help conditions such as severely tight muscles
and arthritis. In this ancient massage technique used by cultures ranging from Scandinavians, to the Japanese, to Native Americans, basalt (lava) stones are heated in a hot water bath until the internal temperature of the stones themselves rise, and the common massage strokes are performed with the stones themselves. The heated stones allow a deeper, more effective massage without necessarily providing a harder, deeper pressure. It utilizes moist heat, which is a more effective type of heat, to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue to relax even the deepest layer of muscle and tissue. The heat is a proven method to help unwind scar tissue, reduce inflammation, increase range of motion, and even ease rheumatoid arthritis. Combined with the use of specifically selected essential oils, the added benefit of aromatherapy helps relax, calm, and balance the system and mind making this massage a special treat. Even though there are hot stones involved, in the hands of a therapist certified in Hot Stone Therapy, you shouldn't get burned, but you may very well melt.

Massage Extras

 In the state of Pennsylvania, properly Licenced Massage Therapists are permitted to administer simple day spa treatmentsin conjunction with a massage. That is why these extras must be offered with a massage, and can not be offered on their own.

Aromatherapy - Pure essential oils of your choice are blended with the massage lotion or oil used to perform the massage adding an effect of either calming, energizing, or balancing the mind and body during the massage.

Hand Paraffin Dip – The hands are dipped into a container filled with hot, melted paraffin wax. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles relaxing the joints and muscles in the hands and the wax hardens to seal in the heat, making the effects last longer. Perfect for those with arthritis or who simply use their hands a lot.

Facial – This 3-step facial includes a cleanser, mud masque, and moisturizer to detoxify and energize the face. The mud masque draws out toxins which can cause blemishes and leaves the skin smooth and healthy.

Foot Masque – Very similar to the facial, but for the feet. A scrub is applied to smooth down any roughness on the feet, then a mud masque and moisturizer soften and revitalize tired, worn-out feet.

Hot Stone Spot Treatment – This treatment is a scaled-down version of a Hot Stone Massage. It uses the heated basalt stones but focuses on one specific area such as the shoulders and back or feet – wherever the most trouble is located. The stones allow for a deeper, more effective massage while the heat encourages blood flow
which in turn creates more relaxed muscles and more relief.


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